Among more than 250 open source Akka actor applications in the Github repository, we have selected 81 applications. We excluded applications that were less than 500 lines of code or those that were written for the purpose of benckmarking and prototyping.

Feel free to contact Samira Tasharofi if we have missed your application in the list. Please cite our web page if you use any of these applications in your studies.

Project Description
Akka-Mobile-Actors-Eclipse Unavailable
akka-task-manager A task management framework built with Akka
evactor Complex event processing implementation in Akka. Processors subscribe to channels to receive events published on the channels. The event processor can then process the events in some way and publish new events on other event channels.
alertme An application using Scala Play! 1.2.3
APIStats A RESTful API Analytics tool built with Lift & Akka
appserve Unavailable
BarberShop The implementation of famous Barber Shop example in Akka.
beaucatcher Scala library for JSON parsing/rendering and for using MongoDB collections.
benchmark Akka/Spray Implementation for theRESTbakeOff[tm].
binarylearn Simple distributed implementation of a restricted boltzmann machine.
bitcex This is an open source Bitcoin exchange
blueeyes BlueEyes is a lightweight, asynchronous web framework for the Scala programming language
BoredNightOwls Unavailable
Botball-Simulator Simple simulation environment where small bots can wander around and react to sensor data.
BraingrowSuite Suite of related Scala modules
cmon-noun Social and Collaborative Clustering.
Combat-Simulator A simulator for GUPRS combat
darkroom Photo Manipulation using Actors
dbtxtalign Uses semi-supervised machine learning to accomplish aligning or integrating databases and text sources.
diffa A data analysis tool that automatically establishes data differences between two or more real-time systems.
DIRE A Distributed Reasoner for Description Logic in Scala
EarthMail An open source alternative to UrbanAirship AirMail
Echo A search engine
ekcmdb Unavailable
EnMAS An environment and simulation framework for multi-agent and team-based artificial intelligence research
entizer A application for aligning or integrating databases and text sources using machine learning.
Filefarmer A scalable DMS system implemented with Scala, Akka, Play and more
flange A scala client for heroku doozer
fyrie-redis A Redis client written in Scala, using Akka actors and non-blocking IO
gatling Gatling is a stress tool
gremory A simple network monitoring system written in Scala
guzzler Guzzler allows you to stream MySQL binary logs from a master and lets you act on them using actors
hammersmith Pure asynchronous MongoDB Driver for Scala
helix The package database for Scala
hogskolestatistik An application written in scala and play to display statistics about university admissions in sweden,the data used comes from VHS publish data
jayed A cross language dialog community
kata-akka Unavailable
Knowing A data mining framework that adds an abstraction layer above existing datamining frameworks like Weka or RapidMiner .
mailproc Unavailable
Medmon Data Mining tools for medics
menthor A framework and abstraction for distributing/parallelizing iterative algorithms common to fields like machine learning and convex optimization.
narrator Narrator is a scala based framework for building high-concurrency load-testing applications
neo4jviewer Unavailable
ParLib Library for parallel and distributed computing
pinky Pinky is a thin scala wrapper around Guice and Guice Servlet
Play20 Play 2.0 is a high productivity Java and Scala Web application framework
playnode-core Playnode Core provides a music content resolver
prosodicParsing Different kinds of HMMs to use for incorporating prosody into basic parsing
PSUG-Challenge-USI-2011 Unavailable
rainycloud Rainy Cloud is a worker node for Acquamaps on the cloud
reef The core reef project is structured as a number of sub-maven projects that build on each other to provide the desired functionality. The project are listed in order that they are build by maven(which is a good indication of dependencies).
retistruen Unavailable
reversi Reversi Game Server and Distributed System with Scala and REST
risktx An open source project creating ACORD standard message gateway products.
roygbiv A ray tracer in Scala backed by the Akka framework.
salvero Makes it easy to send Scala case classes over 0MQ sockets, using salat-avro for serialization/deserialization. Provides integration with Akka and lift actors.
scacs Scala Cluster Service: a general cluster service + cluster support for Delite.
scalabrad Scala interface to LabRAD
ScalaWorkflow Stateful, non persistent workflow using actors.
scalaz-camel Provides a domain-specific language(DSL) for Apache Camel that is based on the Scala programming language and the Scalaz library. It applies functional programming(FP) concepts to enterprise integration patterns(EIPS) so that integration solutions con be constructed by composing EIPs with a functional DSL.
screenshot Automates the collection of a screenshot archive for the Guardian website. It requires gnome-web-photo to be installed in order to collect the screenshots.
septaontime Unavailable
ShakesEM ShakesEM is a package for running EM for Probabilistic Context Free Grammars, implemented in Scala using the Actors library to allow parallel processing over multiple machines and multiple cores.
signal-collect A framework for scalable graph processing.
SimplifyPolygon Unavailable
specus A custom Minecraft server implementation written in Scala language using Akka actor library.
spiffy A web framework using Scala, Akka, and the Java Servelet 3.0 API. It makes use of the async interface and aims to provide a massively parallel and scalable environment for web applications.
Splinter An asynchronous event dispatcher bridge. The purpose of this system is to create an EDA for webservices, similar to webhooks. It supports both asynchronous event-oriented request and also synchronous RPC requests.
spray A suite of scala libraries for building and consuming RESTful web services on top of Akka.
talking-puffin A powerful, open source, desktop Twitter client.
thimblus Thimblus will be a JVM desktop client for the open web microblogging platform.
toita Simple, and rather messy, liftweb-based Twitter client.
uap-engine An open-source software stack for the UC4 Automation Engine
WebClipper Unavailable
WiiDroneNavigator Scala application to allow single WiiMote+Nunchuk or dual WiiMote+Nunchuk control of the Parrot AR.Drone quadrocopter.
GeoTrellis GeoTrellis is an open source high performance geoprocessing engine that transforms user interaction with geospatial data through speed and scale.
Lilla Multiplayer online chess written in scala with akka and play2.
socko A Scala web server powered by Netty networking and AKKA processing.
scalatron A multi-player programming game in which coders pit bot programs (written in Scala) against each other.
HiveMind A distributed event-based machine learning system (written in Java).
Project Blended Provides reusable components for developing OSGI based application. It builds on top of Karaf, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, HawtIO, Akka and Spray.
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